I haven't done a Martini recipe and the room you'd drink it in awhile.  This very hot and humid weather we've been having in the Boston area inspired me to break out my Key Limetini Recipe.  First the pic.


1 part Absolut Vanilia

1 part Liquor 43

1/2 part Rose's Lime Juice

Rim with yellow sugar and garnish with Key Lime candy fruit slice

If you are unfamiliar with Liquor 43, it is a vanila citrus liquor from Spain that has 43 ingredients, hence the name Cuarenta Y Tres (that is 43 in Spanish) or Liquor 43.  It is really tasty on its own.  So with this very tropical concoction I propose you drink it in these spaces.  One more thing.  I like to shake my tini's about 40 times.  I prefer them to be really frosty cold. That's usually enough to freeze your hands to the metal shaker.






Maybe the vision, and the recipe, will get us through our hot humid week ahead…