I have just returned from the BDC where I attended a seminar by Margaret Russell.  For those of you who don't know who that is, Margaret, is the editor of Elle Decor mag and one of the judges on Bravo TV's Top Design (not to be confused with HGTV's Design Star).    She is one of most influential individuals in the design world today.  As usual, I have a not so flattering pic of myself with her.  Seriously, do they have classes on how to pose?  Why does my neck look like it is the size of a freaking linebacker?  Notice she is sticking hers out.  She clearly knows what she is doing… I do not.  I know Margaret is tiny, but I look hulking.  She is itty bitty.  I'm 5' 4" (okay 5'3 5/8") and had on 5 inch heels.  Yes, people, 5 inches.  Yes, I can work in them all day,  and yes, they have a platform (long live the platform).  I dread the day those go out of style.  Look, it is the fastest way to lose ten pounds.  



I digress.  I also met of couple local designer/bloggers, Linda Merrill with Surroundings and The Skirted Roundtable and Erin Gates from Elements of Style.  Erin and I shared a little scandal last fall.  A "design company" on the west coast took pics of our work and put it in their portfolio. They even added their watermark to the photos.  A blog reader of mine alerted me, and when I saw Erin's work, I notified her.  Gutsy huh? The situation was quickly rectified with some strongly worded correspondence.  Erin and I had never met before today.  It is funny to recognize people from their pics. 

Margaret also signed books.  I already had her newest Style and Substance and had it signed at market last fall.  This time I purchased So Chic.  Here are two of my favorite spaces from the books.

This one is Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick's Bridgehampton, NY home.

SJP pic
This one is James Mischka and Mark Badgley's Manhattan pad.

Bagley Mischka 
  I love all of JM and MB's homes that have been featured in Elle Decor.  They are some of my absolute favorite interiors ever.  The Kentucky home is beyond beyond.  Could it be the Black and White?  I just bought some Badgley Mischka shoes that I haven't even had a chance to wear.  Okay, the BM love fest is over.   Someone please tell me how to take a picture.  Enough already. 

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