I'm actually already thinking about Christmas decor both in and outside.  This is a record setting first.  After taking a look at the peaks and pitches of the roof-line on my new house, I knew there was no way in "he" "e" double hockey sticks anyone in my household was going to do hang lights on it.  Roof-lines such as mine are de rigueur for the Atlanta area, but a first for me.  Even after living all over the country, I realized this is my first time for this architecture.  So what do you do?  Well there are several companies who install them for you.  I really thought this was something only really wealthy people did. Not so. Well, not in Atlanta anyway.   It is service that is pretty reasonably priced.  After doing some research, I hired, Shawn who owns Alanta Loves Chirstmas.  He has locations in Little Rock, AR; Memphis, TN; Denver, CO; and Salt Lake City, UT.  Here is some of his work.

Out 3

Out 2

Out 4

Out 5


Out 7

Gorgeous huh? They do LED and colored lights too. I am not a fan of colored lights though. When I get my house decorated, I'll be sure to post a pic.  Even if you can't afford to have someone install lights for you, these pics can serve as inspiration for the DIYer.  Are you in the holiday spirit yet?