I'm not going to lie.  I'm seriously in the weeds with holiday tasks.  The gift shopping is only half done.  The cards aren't even ordered yet and the teacher and friend gifts have hardly been given a thought.  The move has finally caught up with me.  We only got about 90% moved in before life interrupted.  That wasn't too big of a deal until we threw in the holidays.  Trying to manage my business, the furniture line, and the family was about all I could handle.  Add the holidays, and I was toast.   In the past I've suffered from CPS.  You know, Christmas Perfection Syndrome.  Try as I might, it just isn't going to be remotely close this year.  My kids had begged me to put up the Dept 56 New England village up (hasn't been up in 9 yrs).  It is such a pain .  So, in honor of actually being in New England,  I relented and let them do it.  It was actually pretty funny listening to my son make up stories as he put the people and animals out.  He has the palace guards marching next to the mail carriage.  Animals down the middle of the road.  The important point… I don't care. 


Notice the bales of hay and animals in the middle of town and the palace guards marching down the street guarding the gift carriage.  Some CPS recovery?  Perhaps…exhaustion could also be an explanation. 

Then we were slow to the outdoor decorating.  So slow that we ran out of lights and so did the stores.  The only ones my husband could find were the LED ones.  Now I have blue lights mixed with the white ones.  I hate it, and I actually think I twitch a little looking at it…but I left them mixed in the topiaries.  This is definitely some sign of recovery…or is it shear defeat?

Okay, it doesn't look quite as bad in the pic as it does in real life.  

Enough kvetching.  Here are some pics of some stuff I've actually put a bit of effort into.

My tree is a very unconventional, faux Black.  I think I have enough bling on it that it disguises the Black.

Here is my Black and White mantel.  We do need to update those stocking pics.  I think they are about 6 years old.  Hmmm,  on second thought, maybe just the children.  I hope y'all are doing better than I am.  I'm developing some new martinis in honor of my CPS recovery.  Look for the recipes next week.  I'll be joining Hooked on Houses Holiday House Party.  Be sure to hop on over and see some great holiday decorating.


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