Ashley, nailed it a full 18 minutes before Melanie.  Send me your info so I can send you the book.  Congrats!  Yes, Gray with a pop of what I'd call Hermes Orange was the flavor of market.  Those of you who said Blue are on track too.  I see that as a secondary emerging color for the Spring.  It is a different Blue than the lighter Gray Blues of late.   It is a more intense Mediterranean Blue to Navy.  Neutrals of all shades but predominantly, Gray were everywhere as well.  I know they say "Gray is the new Black " but for me, Black is always the new Black.  So here are some pics.  


Global Views (one of my favorite showrooms).  I just happen to be wearing Orange and Gray that day so I posed until I kept my eyes open for a pic.

More Global Views


One More Global Views 

Jamie Young Lighting showroom

 J Douglas Showroom

Revco Showroom, they make Candice Olsen's Case goods

Vanguard Showroom

Thom Filicia for Vanguard


Stanley Furniture Showroom

Cisco Bros Showroom
Ankasa Showroom

Suzanne kasler Hickory Chiar
Suzanne Kasler for Hickory Chair

I can't begin to tell you how unusual it is for this many showrooms to have the same color palette.  Market was also the most busy I've seen it for the past couple years…a sign the economic tide is shifting? We can hope.  Christi, commented on my feet.  Yes, they hurt pretty bad.  On the first day I decided to be fashionable and forgo my practical shoes (Cole Hahn Gold Lame Mary Janes with the Nike air technology…a Glamor "Don't" on so many levels) for some heeled Gray suede boots.  You can kind of see them in the pic above.  I even had the gel insoles in them.  Let's just say by 5 pm I was hurting so bad we hailed a cab to take us two blocks.  I hadn't even brought the fug shoes (that is the name I've given them).  I did have some better options for the remaining days.  I would not recommend crippling yourself to look cute. 

Which showroom do you like best? 


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