This blog (can't type the name it is too risque) is getting a lot of play in the media lately. NY Times, AJC, Decorno blog etc.  I think it is really funny.  I don't always agree with the posts, but they crack me up.  Maybe it is because the author uses the "F" word.  I don't know.  Essentially the idea of the blog is to "out" design fads that are so ubiquitous, it makes one want to flip them the bird.  Notice I said "fad" and not "trend".  Those are two different terms. I am going to add my two cents which I have not seen on the aforementioned blog…yet.

It is this kitchen design.  White Christopher Peacock cabinets or a knock off, Carrara marble, Wolf range and Subzero fridge.  Can the shelters publish something else? It is pretty. I'm not denying that. The look is so blatantly copied it doesn't seem special anymore. Do wealthy people only cook on Wolf?  There is Thermador, Blue Star, Aga, LaCornue, Electrolux Icon, Viking, Dacor, DCS and a plethora of others. Will shelters publish a kitchen that doesn't have a Wolf range? Just asking.

Kitchen inspiration
Kitchen 2010 8
Kitchen island 3
Island 3

I know, I know, they are lovely, but they are so similiar I thought the last two were the same kitchen at a quick glance.  I could gather 100 more in a NY minute.  Maybe this look is on its way to being a trend.