The timing of this question is ironic.  This reader writes:

I'd  like to know what your thoughts are on having a TV in the bedroom.  My husband wants a plasma or LCD mounted on the wall and I don't think that it will look nice.  As a designer what do you think?

You readers and your controversial questions.  Y'all are killing me.  This question happens to be ironic because for the first time ever in 16 yrs of marriage my Husband and I won't have a TV in our bedroom in this house.  At least we are going to try it out. We've been sleeping in the guest bedroom because my new bed for our room hasn't come in yet(it did ship Monday, YEAH!).  We just don't have any place to put a TV in the new room. So back to the question.  I'm all about the pretty, but one of my very few pet peeves is a space that doesn't function.  I know the medical research says a big "no" to the TV in the bedroom.  The reality is, if you want a TV in the bedroom, I'm gonna give you one. I'm gonna make it as pretty as possible though.  Ideally, I'd like it to be hidden but a flat panel mounted over a beautiful piece of furniture works too.  Another option is to hide a flat panel behind drapery.  They are making them 1 inch deep now so you have lots of options.  I'm dying to hear if you have a TV in the bedroom.  So I'm doing my first poll.

Master TV bedroom