A reader writes:

Hi Kristin, I love your blog and look forward to each new post. You are always full of wonderful information. I just bought some sweet milk glass wall sconces recently (I still need to get shades for them) that I want to hang on either side of my bed. I have no idea of the proper placement (height and width apart) and knew you were the woman to ask. Can you help me out?
Thank you,
After asking Petrina a few more questions, most importantly, if these were functional or decorative, I was able to show her were she should hang her sconces.   These are going to replace the bedside table lamp and are to be functional.  With that in mind they need to be placed close to the bed and at a height that will illuminate reading material.  If they were decorative you have a bit more flexibility.  They are not swing arms but stationary sconces.  This is what I'd recommend.  I've specified where to put the sconces on the photo that Petrina sent to me showing her bedroom.  This gives her a visual of exactly where to put them.
Sconce placement free advice friday
Place them approximately 4-6 inches away from the headboard edge and the light height can be determined by your preference.  It is important to note whether you read laying down or sitting up.  The light needs to be high enough to shine on your reading material.  As a guide  line, if the bottom of your light is about 24 inched above the top of the bed that should work. 
If your headboard is really tall you could raise it up to 30" or more as long as it stays functional.  I hope this helps.  It was a great question with a bit of a subjective answer.