A reader's inquiry:

This reader has painted the trim and doors in her house ivory.  She likes it everywhere but the bathroom due to the white toilet, sinks, and tub.  She is going to repaint the room and wants to know if she should just ignore the white or should she paint the trim and door?  Her husband is completely opposed to re-painting the trim.  She is thinking of using  charcoal for the walls and in the past has used burgundy as the accent colour (she is from Canada, hence the spelling of colour).   I think I get to be the tie breaker. 

This is the room before




Here are my suggestions:


 Just ignore the white tub and toilet.  I think you need to replace all the burgundy accents with a new more spa like palette.  Put a roman shade over the tub and look for a fabric that has both white and cream in it.  When you put art in a bathroom, make sure it isn't anything valuable, the humidity will damage anything precious. Add polished nickel accessories for some shimmer.  Charcoal paint is an option, but doing the bath in the spa blue would be even prettier.  Lastly, consider installing frame-less glass for the shower enclosure instead of a shower curtain.  It is pricey option, but you get a lot bang for the buck.  Hope this helps and keeps the peace between you and your husband.