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We emailed last week. Thank you so much for agreeing to help me with my
"problem" window. We have been working on remodeling our 13 year old
house that we bought last year. We just don't know what to do with our
big sliding glass door in our family. We have a new sofa that is
neutral (we are still awaiting our throw pillows that have turquoise
elements). Our window is near our kitchen window, which we like but
have RED curtains. So we are at a loss. Any advice you can give about
height (I think probably 127" to be at the same height as the kitchen)
and ESPECIALLY fabric, will be greatly appreciated!

We love your site and are so grateful for your help!

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What makes this situation difficult, is not only the Red kitchen valance and new Turquoise Blue, but the different adjoining room elevations and the built-in bookcases.  To try and keep a nice linear balance, I would hang the drapery hardware at the same height as the top of the bookcases.  Since the new sectional, carpet and paint are all neutral, I would start with a pretty color for the drapery.  They have a floral in the the kitchen and the new pillow fabric also has a pattern, so I would begin with a solid.  I chose the new Turquoise Blue because there is a pool outside those sliding glass doors and it would blur the line between the two spaces.  The Red window treatment in the kitchen is pretty dominate and right next to the sliders, so  I suggest adding a contrast fabric leading edge to the drapery that incorporates the Red.  I would then probably have a pillow made for the sofa, using the same fabrics. To complete the space,  I would then add a few red accessories to the living room.  Any fabric incorporating both colors would also be a very nice alternative for the leading edge.  I know that finding Red and Turquoise in one fabric is difficult.  Trust me, I have those colors (plus black and cream) in my house and I have scoured the fabric companies looking for that combo.  Every time I come across one, I order the sample.  I tried to show in the illustration, how a reader who doesn't have a fabric library at their disposal can combine any color combination to customize their personal palette.  The last element to mention is the style of drapery.  In the rendering, I've shown a double width pinch pleat drapery hung on 2 1/2 – 3 inch (in diameter) hardware in the wood tone of the built in bookcase (which they have since stained darker than the picture shown).  When you have a large expanse of window or door that doesn't require privacy, it is nice to do the panels in a double width.  It is important to note that the hardware needs to be substantial enough to hold the weight of the panels.  Otherwise, it will bow in the middle.  This also looks nicer when you have long drapes.  Hope this helps.  I'll be joining the Hooked party on Hooked on Houses today.  Check it out.