A reader from Texas has asked for help with kitchen cabinets, sofa placement, and a new color palette.

1. Colors: The earth tones are not working for us anymore. Can you recommend a cooler color scheme around the olive couch (We'd like to keep that). Everything else can go. All will be painted, new pieces purchased.
2. Furniture placement – the angled wall where the fireplace is is a challenge! Do we angle toward that or ignore it? It's also hard because it is just all one big space – kitchen & living all in one.
3. Kitchen cabinets – oh yes, they did. Lipstick on a pig. Previous owners put granite on old "pickled oak" 1990's cabinets. Can they be painted? Refaced? What color? We don't have budget for full gut job. Appliances also will be replaced for stainless….

This is the space


Pic 2

Pic 3

OH, Lipstick on a Pig.  Why previous owners? Why?  I'm going to address the cabinet challenge first.  Refacing cabinets is sometimes as costly as new.  A professional paint job can be pricey too.  I'm going to suggest painting the cabinets yourselves.  This project is all about proper prep.  Here is a link  that explains  how to do it. I am going to suggest that they paint the perimeter cabinets, Black.  Yes, Black.  I highly recommend using an oil base paint as well.  Add glass fronts on the two sets of upper cabinets on either side of the sink. This is very easy to do and doesn't cost much.  The island can be painted a Linen Beige. 

I understand why they are having difficulty placing the sofa. With the carpet inset and  a huge sofa, it is a challenge.  The sofa is 96' long and 44" deep.  That is Texas size sofa.  When you are buying upholstery, I suggest sticking to straight arms and not getting anything deeper than 36 or 37 inches.  80 – 84 inches is a nice flexible length.  If you are fortunate enough to be buying furniture for your final dream home, you can purchase things that are custom sized.  If you are just starting out or anticipate future moves, it is best to find a sofa with the above versatile dimensions.  Rolled arms don't give you any more interior space but take up a lot of extra real estate on the floor.  Here is my suggestion that I have illustrated to scale:

Jpeg space plan 

 I hope the Black cabinets make sense now that you see the color palette.  I would paint the mantle Black as well and lower it a bit.  The Green is updated with Black and Linen Beige.  I'd also consider purchasing a Black and Beige patterned rug or broad loom and have it installed where the carpet is currently.  I hope this helps.  Readers feel free to weigh in.  

PS Curtain panels should start at the ceiling and go to the floor.  One panel hanging staight on either side of the windows will update the look.