I finally got around to watching the latest installment of Design Star, the "Design" competition on HGTV.  Every show I watch, is now on Sunday night at 10pm Eastern.  Mad Men, usually gets viewed Sunday because my husband will watch that with me.  Which means Army Wives and Design Star get DVRd.  The show consists of "Designers" competing to receive their own show  on HGTV.  They are judged by a prestigious panel.  Candice Olsen of Divine Design, Vern Vip of Deserving Design, and Genevieve Gorder of Dear Genevieve.  This year they tried to change things up by hiring new judges and in casting, looked for more individuals with design backgrounds.  I'm curious to hear what y'all think of the show.  Here is my take.  First of all, I really like the judges, especially Candice.  A couple years ago she was in Northern Va promoting her furniture with Norwalk (back when they had the franchise stores).  I was one of 30 local designers invited to participate in a training seminar conducted by Candice.  It was excellent. 


Okay, I'm going off on a tangent for a moment, bear with me.  I could be the most un photogenic person on the face of the earth.  It is a constant joke with my husband.  He sometimes has to take 5 shots to get me with my eyes open.  So, in my usual fashion I shut my eyes with my Candice pic.  Nice!  When my husband saw the pic he laughed so flipping hard, which really p'd me off.   He did try to photo shop eyes in for me.  It was bad!! My professional photographer BIL ( Ryan Beck Photography) would have been horrified.  Okay so back to the post. 

They now have four contestants left. Antonio, the Set Designer, Lonni the Interior Designer, Dan, an Architecture Graduate, and Tori, an Interior Designer. Interestingly, of the past winners only one former contestant has a show that airs currently.  I understand that last year's winner, Jennifer Bertrand got preggers right after she won and had to delay her show.  Kim Myles won the year before and had a show, Myles of Style but I don't think it is on anymore.  It is hard to discern on the HGTV website because they have a lot of spin.  They make political pundits look like pre schoolers.  A couple things that bug me about the show is the crafty nature.  Honestly, I don't know many Interior Designers who build cabinetry, demo kitchens, and install floors.   I also wish they would provide a seamstress/workroom, more time and bigger budgets.  The biggest issue to me is the lack of paying clients.  I would like to see more realistic situations.  I wonder if, Antonio would tell a  client to "pound sand" when they asked for warm neutrals if they were footing the bill.  He refused to paint a room beige or tan on a previous episode because the Navy base housing (where the recipient/client's home was located) had tan everywhere.  He painted the room, Blue.  They did like it, but again, they received two flat panels TV's and brand new furnishings.  I'm sorry, the room could have been painted Fuchsia and they would have probably been happy.  So what do think?  Are you watching?  Who do you think will win? My bet is on Lonni.


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