Okay, it is almost 10PM, and I've been on my computer over 8 hours today.  I wanted to complete a post,  so I headed over to the Typepad blogging site and they decided to "upgrade" aka "toy with me" on the configuration of everything.  Thanks, Typepad, you have stellar timing. 

I have been pondering how to blog about some recent press I received lately without coming across braggy.  Here's the thing.  Interior Designers love press.  Any press…well, as long as it isn't the police blotter.  If you've been following my blog, you know I was invited to do a design seminar by a local realtor for recent home buyers.   The event was very fun and Patrick Ball of the Concord Journal published a very nice article that ran last Thursday (attached below).  So first, thank you Patrick.  He is young guy who was subjected to a night of cocktails (which he didn't get to partake in) and Interior Design.  I'm sure that wasn't his idea of the perfect night.

Concord Journal Article

Then yesterday, Laura Holland over at Hickory Chair blogged about a recent post I did on my latest Before and After utilizing HC furnishings.  So, Merci Merci, I feel so fortunate. 

HC blog 

HC coverage

If you missed the "before" of this room here is the original post.  Thanks for humoring me.