HGTV Green Home

Before I get to the HGTV Green home, I need to thank Nicole Haddad from New York Spaces for the article on the Kristin Drohan Collection on the‚Ķ

High Point Update Sping 2010

I'm back after a long week launching my furniture line at High Point market while trying to still be a buyer and shop my current accounts.‚Ķ

New Before and Afters

This past Monday my fabulous photographer, Bob Narod did these two shoots in Northern Virgina.  I think my clients and Bob do a pretty‚Ķ

Free Advice Friday... Fabrics in Red, Gold, and Green

A reader comments:   Hi Kristin, Wondering if you have any favorite fabrics that would look good with yellow golds, greens and reds. I need‚Ķ

Lack of Posts

I first must apologize for the lack of recent and regular posts.  It has been bat crap nutters in my life lately both personally and‚Ķ

Kitchen Style 2010

Recently, the I received the 2010 kitchen style report in my Profiles magazine from the National Kitchen and Bath Assc.  Every year they survey‚Ķ

New online Mags...What do you think?

With the recent demise of many of our favorite shelter mags, a crop of new online replacements has surfaced.  Are you reading?‚Ķ

My Favorite Paint Colors

I get asked about paint colors a lot.  I thought I'd share my favorite paint colors with you.  First, I 'll share a little‚Ķ

Free Advice Friday...Bedside Sconce Placement

A reader writes: Hi Kristin, I love your blog and look forward to each new post. You are always full of wonderful information. I just bought some…

NKBA 2010 Kitchen Design Finalists... What's your fav?

The National Kitchen and Bath Association has posted the 12 finalists for their 2010 competition.  There are some really‚Ķ

Hide Rugs... Timeless? Of course!

The other day, I finally received some Angora hides I'd ordered at the fall High Point market.  I initially intended to use them for my‚Ķ

What's Next After the Style Evaluation?

Sorry for the lack of recent posts.  I've been swamped with a couple new projects.  When I'm in the beginning stages of a‚Ķ

What's Your Style?

Last week I had a long "to do" list.  I had lots of client orders to place, two big presentations, a new client meeting, and my‚Ķ

Happy New Year!

I made it!  It was touch and go, shopping Christmas Eve day for last minute gifts and my daughter's Christmas Eve‚Ķ

2010 Color of the Year

I know in my last post I was dreaming of a White Christmas.  Who knew that was going to equate to several inches a few days later.  How‚Ķ

I'm Dreaming of a White... and Black Christmas

I'm not going to lie.  I'm seriously in the weeds with holiday tasks.  The gift shopping is only half done.  The cards‚Ķ

Where do the extra guests sleep?

Are you gearing up for visitor's arrival in the next few days?  I know I am.  This is the first house I've lived in since‚Ķ

Holiday Tables... Which one do you like Best?

We are in the thick of it now.  Decorating, entertaining, attending holiday parties, gift shopping, and card sending are all in high‚Ķ

Peacock Decor Everywhere

Lately, I've noticed that Peacock stuff is popping up more and more in my vendor catalogs.  Here is a sampling. Peacock Rug from‚Ķ

Attention Bloggers! Do you get stuff for FREE?

Man, I do not like returning from vacations.  I did not do any work for six days including checking email.  It was really nice while it‚Ķ

Happy Thanksgiving!

I'm headed off to Florida to spend Thanksgiving with my parents and brother.  I'm feeling very thankful these days.  We are‚Ķ

Free Advice Friday...How to Pick Good Upholstery

 I so often get asked why one sofa is $995 and another $3500.  Well there is a reason.  Fortunately, I will be able to‚Ķ

Boulevard Interior Design In the Press

Okay, it is almost 10PM, and I've been on my computer over 8 hours today.  I wanted to complete a post,  so I headed‚Ķ

Hickory Chair University..More Evidence of Blue

It has been so crazy lately.  I'm still recovering from my trip last week to Northern Va and North Carolina.  I have tons to‚Ķ

More High Lights

I have so much going on right now and there is so much to write about from Market.  Tonight, I have several dozen clients of a local realty‚Ķ

New Before and After

As promised here is a project I recently finished in Va.  I want to point out that even with a modest budget you can get completely custom‚Ķ

High Lights continued...

In addition, to the Gray and Orange combo there were a lot of neutrals.  Out of the sea of neutrals I saw a "new" Blue‚Ķ

Highpoint High Lights...Gray and Orange was the Most Ubiquitous Color Combo

Ashley, nailed it a full 18 minutes before Melanie.  Send me your info so I can send you the book.  Congrats!  Yes, Gray with a pop‚Ķ

High Point Highlights 1 & Margaret Russell signed Elle Decor Book Give Away

Well, I'm back.  It has been quite the trip.  After spending Sunday through Wednesday at High Point, I then headed to Northern‚Ķ

Free Advice Friday... Mixing Kitchen Cabinetry

Before I get down to the post I want to thank Kristi at Addicted to Design for the free Premier Listing in their Interior Designer Directory. ‚Ķ

Pantone's Color Forecast 2010

I recently received Pantone's color report for 2010.  Although, I don't decorate according to color trends, I still find the‚Ķ

Free Advice Friday - Working With an Interior Designer or Decorator

I frequently get asked about how hiring an Interior Designer/Decorator works.   Since there isn't an industry standard, it must‚Ķ

Curtains or Drapes... According to Miles Redd, it's curtains

Recently, I've noticed in both the shelter mags and my trade mags the deliberate use of curtains instead of drapes when referring to window‚Ķ

Free Advice Friday window valances

Stephanie, over at A Fine House recently blogged about finally obtaining some new fabric for some window valances.  Here is her story.‚Ķ‚Ķ

Gearing Up for High Point Market

I can't believe it is time again for our semi-annual buying trip to High Point, NC in a couple of weeks.   I received my buyers pass‚Ķ

Free Advice Updating Chests and Chairs

These days I have a hard time keeping up with all the blogs I enjoy reading.  I really like it when other designers have enough‚Ķ

6 Things That Make Me Happy

I was tagged by my friend Paula Grace, of Paula Grace Designs to write a post about six things that make me happy.  I have to tell you that‚Ķ

Free Advice Friday - Arranging Artwork and Pictures

I had a reader email with a question on how to arrange her artwork and pictures.  She had recently moved (can totally relate)‚Ķ

Design Star- Winging it Gets the Win

  I know I predicted that Antonio would win but that wasn't because I thought he should.  I think HGTV needs to stop calling‚Ķ

Sneak Peak - Before and Afters

Today I'm participating in Blue Monday at Smiling Sally since the pics contain one of my colors, Blue and Met Monday at Between Naps on the‚Ķ

Free Advice - Difficult Drapery

This reader wrote: Pictures for you! Hi! We emailed last week. Thank you so much for agreeing to help me with my…

Design Star... Didn't see that coming

My family and I have just returned from a much needed vacay to Cape Cod.  We were finally able to catch our breaths and get some R &‚Ķ

Free Advice Friday - Kitchen advice

I recently received this request I had a flood in my home and now have zero time to make decisions on my kitchen. I am getting new kitchen cabinets…