Drum role please…Yes, it official.  The Air Force is moving us to Atlanta. I'm not going to lie, I'm happy to be moving South after this Boston winter, but moving for the 8th time in 17 yrs of marriage, makes me nauseous.  The logistics of moving the business are beyond overwhelming and this past month has been such a gauntlet.  I finally unpacked my suitcase last Wednesday, after being on the road since April 1st.  I was home for a few days between each location, which was just long enough to wash my clothes and repack.  After High Point and the Chicago furniture launch, we were in Florida (trying to relax) and then drove up to Atlanta for a house hunting trip.  Last week, we closed on the sale of our Florida house and had an inspection on the Atlanta house we have a contract on.  To add to the crazy, the house we are renting in Boston, is now on the market so I have to keep it perfectly clean.  I'm telling ya, if I don't go bat crap nutters, it will be a miracle.  I finally made it to the salon yesterday, to get the mess of myself fixed up after being on the road for so long.  By all the disappointing ts-king and clucking, you'd have thought I had a braid growing out of my nose.  Okay, I know I was a mess, is all that necessary? Jeeesh!

The really exciting part of all of this, is the purchase of the new house.  We don't close until the middle of June but I finally, after 6 long years of renting, I will have my own home to decorate.  EEEEEKKKK!! That is the sound of a joyful scream.  The house hunting trip was stressful.  We went with 13 houses on the list, only 6 that were of true interest.  Three went under contract before we even had a chance to look at them.  That was when the first melt down happened.  We actually pulled up to the first one and got out to look at the yard.  It was amazing and the neighborhood was awesome.  I had looked at the interior pics on line and new it had a brand new gorgeous Dacor kitchen with the space plan I love and a great price.  Then our realtor called and said it had gone under contract the night before.  Cue the tears!  The house we ended up putting an offer on was not the first, or even the second choice.  It had some warts, needed more work than the pics showed, and was more than we wanted to spend.  After going back and forth with a few counter offers, the realtors agreed to take a commission cut to get a contract signed. We had the inspection done last week.  Nothing terrible was found, but we have asked the sellers for a few things.  We are waiting on their response.  I'm going to hook up the IV, while I wait.  I'll keep ya posted. 

On another note, last week Gail Doby, owner of Design Sucess University wrote an article for Just Luxe featuring the Kristin Drohan Collection.  You can read it here.  Thanks, Gail I love the article and the way it captured my personality. 

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