Year: 2012

Made in the USA - Apolitical yet Patriotic

The election is over and I am no way going to blog about politics. One thing I'm very patriotic and passionate about, is purchasing domestic goods.…

New Chair in the Kristin Drohan Collection

Sometimes the stars align when the prototype turns out better than the concept rendering and sometimes....not so much.  In this case, I love how this…

The Reveal Kitchen Before and After

I still have a couple little tweaks but for the most part the kitchen is done.  We are loving the new island already.  Here is what we‚Ķ

My New Kitchen Island

Okay, so long time no post..what's new.  Along with all the normal stuff (kids back to school, work, etc), I have been working on re doing my kitchen…

Kathryn Bar Stool from the Kristin Drohan Collection is Greenspiration Home American Made "Pick-of-the-Week!"

Kathryn Bar Stool by Kristin Drohan Uses Reclaimed Wood and Recaptures North Carolina Furniture Heritage by Trish Holder We struck North Carolina…

Have you seen this blog?

This blog (can't type the name it is too risque) is getting a lot of play in the media lately. NY Times, AJC, Decorno blog‚Ķ

My Favorite New Furniture Pieces

We have a lot of new pieces at the Kristin Drohan Collection that I wanted to share with you. Chuck Chesterfield Chaz Chesterfield

One Kings Lane Sale Starts Today

Our huge One Kings Lane Sale starts today.  Check it out we have a ton of new pieces.    

The Wacky, Wild and Wonderful of High Point Spring 2012

I'm just returning from High Point market and had a nice time.  It was relaxing and fun.  I think it was the first time my friend,‚Ķ

Free Advice Friday: Mini Master Bedroom Makeover

Okay, really long time, no blog and even longer for a FAF post.  I got an email from a man whose wife is in the hospital and he wanted to‚Ķ

Apartment Therapy notices Kristin Drohan's sustainable furniture line

Gorgeous & Green: Sustainable Furniture from Kristin Drohan Last week, interior designer Kristin Drohan traveled from Atlanta to Boston to debut…

One Kings Lane and Kristin Drohan Collection Sale Starts tom at 11 am

The culmination of seven months of work comes to fruition.  I'm very excited for tomorrow's sale at 11am.  It ends on Tuesday‚Ķ

Wood Ceiling Beams and Truss Obsession

I have never had a house with two story ceilings or with wood beams prior to this Atlanta house.  My hearth room has a Dutch hip shape or barn‚Ķ

Twelve Chairs Boston to Launch Kristin Drohan Collection

I'm very to excited to announce that this fabulous store and interior design studio, Twleve Chairs Boston will be carrying the Kristin‚Ķ