Year: 2011

Please Allow Me My Self Promoting Kardashian Moment

I just received the New York Spaces, The Goods issue today and I'm so excited to have the Kristin Drohan Collection included. I have to‚Ķ

Is it too Early to Start Thinking About Holiday Decor?

I'm actually already thinking about Christmas decor both in and outside.  This is a record setting first.  After taking a look at‚Ķ

Niches - Free Advice Friday

How to Decorate Niches Someday I will get my stuff together on this social media stuff. In the meantime, I hope you can bear with my extended…

Interior Designer Boston to Atlanta..the Update

Clearly, I have been MIA for several months. The move pretty much kicked my arse. The kids had their last day in school the end of June in Boston…

Brimfield The Good, Bad and the WTF?

Last week I finally made it to Brimfield. I'm desperately trying to check off the Boston bucket list before we move. Time is quickly running out. I…

Design Success University

This week I did a seminar with Gail Doby, the owner of Design Success University.   I have to tell you I'm overwhelmed with all the‚Ķ

Atlanta Here we Come...Someone get the Martini IV

  Drum role please...Yes, it official.  The Air Force is moving us to Atlanta. I'm not going to lie, I'm happy to be moving South‚Ķ

Furniture launch at the Chicago Merchandise Mart

I have so much to post and no time.  I have Kitchen and Bath trends to blog about, Highlights from High Point Market, and some other very big‚Ķ

NKBA 2011 Finalists Kitchen Porn

Before I get to the finalists, I'd like to thank a couple bloggers for featuring my work. First is Nan, at Playful Decor, who blogs about‚Ķ

New England Home Interview

    The new issue of New England Home is on the shelves.  Totally pysched to have been interviewed in this‚Ķ

New Phillip Jeffries Wallcoverings

Even though we have had tons of snow this winter, Spring is in the air.  Maybe not in the weather, but in the design world.  This‚Ķ

New Philip Gorrivan for Highland Court and thanks to Design Shuffle!

I'm headed to the airport in a couple of hours for a short little trip to NYC, so I thought I'd quickly finish up this blog post.…

Free Advice Friday Fabric Question

Recently a reader sent me an inquiry about a fabric application. In a past blog post,  I had used the fabric in‚Ķ

Would You Have the Guts to do THIS?

Recently, I started an entire house gut job for a client.  It is an adorable Cape that is getting a complete overhaul.  New kitchen,‚Ķ

Free Advice Friday Bathroom Trim Dilemma

A reader's inquiry: This reader has painted the trim and doors in her house ivory.  She likes it everywhere but the bathroom due to the‚Ķ

New Year-New Furniture- New England Home Feature

I hope everyone had a great holiday.  I had a nice break in Florida.  I am excited to be launching some new pieces in the Kristin Drohan‚Ķ