Month: August 2009

The House is done...

It has been a crazy last few days.  Thursday, the next batch of prototypes for my eco friendly line of upholstery were delivered.  They‚Ķ

Free Advice Friday...finishing what the reader started in their Master

Okay, I have to admit the poll from last week's Free Advice was really interesting.  I had tallied up the master bedrooms I'd done for‚Ķ

Design Star...Is anyone watching?

I finally got around to watching the latest installment of Design Star, the "Design" competition on HGTV.  Every show I watch, is now‚Ķ

ReStyled - Chests... from Flea market to Fab

Before I show you my Bedside chest makeover I need to thank Julia, from Hooked on Houses.  Last weekend she did a post on my Free Advice‚Ķ

Free Advice Friday-TV in the Master Yes or No?

The timing of this question is ironic.  This reader writes: I'd  like to know what your thoughts are on having a TV in the‚Ķ

The O List from O Magazine

So, I got my new O Mag in the mail the other day and inside was the O List for September. This is a list of things that Oprah considers "just…

Martini Monday - Key Lime Martini

I haven't done a Martini recipe and the room you'd drink it in awhile.  This very hot and humid weather we've been having in the‚Ķ

Free Advice Friday: Tutorial on Book Shelf Organization

I hesitate to even answer this question.   Several people have asked about accessorizing/organizing book shelves.  The reason‚Ķ

Tribute to my 100 yr old Grandma

I'm feeling some big time guilt today. Tomorrow, my Grandma turns 100.  With our move this summer I simply could not get back to‚Ķ

Lucite Chairs

When I was in Paris this April visiting my Sister-in-law and her family (they have lived in Paris for the past four years on a government…

Free Advice Follow Up

A few weeks ago a reader had submitted the following for free advice: This Mom sent in this picture of her sons' bedroom.  They are ready‚Ķ

Funky Art and Quirky Lighting

I visited this showroom  last spring at High Point and haven't had a chance to post these pictures.  This showroom has repurposed‚Ķ

Arlington, Va Eco Friendly Before and Afters Continued...

Thought I'd throw in a picture of the outside of the house for context.  You can see the Craftsman details in the exterior and that makes‚Ķ