Month: June 2009

Green Design Summit

I'm very excited to be attending Design Success University's Green Design Summit the next two days.  I look forward to sharing‚Ķ

Free Advice Friday...when Drapes are too short

A reader wrote: I like to hang drapes about 4" below ceiling and hang a valance from a combination rod. My problem though is I have 2‚Ķ

The Grapefruit Martini and the Rooms to Drink it in

Okay, many readers are asking for the martini recipes.  So here is my all time fav, the Pink Grapefruit Martini.   1 part Absolut Ruby‚Ķ

Free Advice Baby to Big Boy Room

This Mom sent in this picture of her sons' bedroom.  They are ready to change the baby room to a big boy room.  The two boys have‚Ķ

New Home Decor Magazine

With the demise of many shelter magazines in recent times, Fresh Home is a new quarterly whose second issue lands on the stands tomorrow. This‚Ķ

Free Advice Friday

I often get asked where to hang drapes and how long should they be.  Personally, I like drapes to be hung as high as possible.  They‚Ķ

Back to High Point Highlights

Okay, so I’ve digressed the last couples of posts. The last installment from High Point highlights will be covering the eco-friendly…

Presentation is Everything

The design of food and interior decor are very similar.  Presentation of both delight many senses.  Recently, my husband and I had a‚Ķ

Free Advice Friday

This reader recently purchased this chandelier for their 12 ft tall entryway.  They want to know how high to hang it.  I get asked this‚Ķ

House Hunting in Boston

Who knew that house hunting in Boston would have challenges we'd never encountered before?  Bostonians, that's who.  We thought‚Ķ

The Air Force is trying to kill me...

I need to interrupt highlights from High Point with a very important announcement.  For those of you who may not know, my husband is in the‚Ķ