Remodeling Lipstick on a Pig

As a military spouse of 17yrs, I dream of the day I am free and can purchase/remodel/build that dream house.  Ironically, my husband and I don't know where that "nirvana place" is.  After living all over the country, we don't know where that perfect place is for us.  There are several places we like, and I have made a habit of stalking those real estate markets.  There is recent disturbing trend I have noticed in perusing the many MLS photos, that I feel compelled to speak out.  Home sellers, please stop installing granite on outdated cabinets.   Here are just a few examples I've come across in the past month.  Note, these are not inexpensive homes. 

Nope! Outdated oak cabinets with horrible hardware. Please get rid of the fake plants too.

Granite on crap cabinets 

I have no words.  Baltic Brown granite too.  Lets put a moratorium on the use of that color.  I'm not even going to comment on the curtains.

Granite on nasty cabnets 

Could they have at least taken down the wood valance..circa 1970.

Granite on nasty 2 

 Oh no they didn't?  This is criminal.

Pic 1 

I understand that cabinets are expensive.  I get that.  Updating a space with stainless appliances is understandable and they can at least be reused.  Granite, on the other hand, is very problematic to re install.   My problem is the wasteful nature of this "solution" to updating a kitchen.  It really is the ultimate lipstick on a pig.  Someone, will eventually have to take it out and it will most likely become land fill.  It isn't responsible and it looks like crap anyway.  So, sellers and realtors suggesting this solution, I beg you to stop.  Have you encountered this? Feel free to send pics.




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10 thoughts on “Remodeling Lipstick on a Pig

  1. I think this is because every single buyer on HGTV home buying shows says one of their musts is granite…not sure why it is even the holy grail but I think that is what motivates people so they can put granite in their MLS listing, get them into the house and hopefully they will overlook the old cabinets…!
    So is the brown color you mention so awful -the pictures don’t do it justice!!!
    Love your posts!

  2. Yes Michelle, I’m sure HGTV has some responsiblity for this trend. Not sure why granite and stainless are the holy grail either, but until buyers stop asking, that won’t end. Baltic Brown is by no means horrible, I’m just soooo sick of it. It is a stock color in every big box store and therefore less expensive. Builders must get it by the tractor trailor full. I had it in my Northern Va house. I have just grown weary from the repetitive use.

  3. Kristin, you crack me up! But don’t be hating on the realtors and sellers. Even in the 90s, the BUILDERS were installing this granite with these cabinets . . . at least in these colonial facade houses that are endemic in Northern Virginia! Now, many of us would love love love to be rid of them, even if we’re not selling . . . but redoing the kitchen is pretty costly!

  4. Wow. For $900K I’d expect an updated kitchen! Looks like a large space though! Maybe it’s a really, really huge house in an awesome location that is being sold cheap so that the buyers can renovate to their own tastes. Let’s hope so!

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