NKBA 2010 Kitchen Design Finalists… What’s your fav?

The National Kitchen and Bath Association has posted the 12 finalists for their 2010 competition.  There are some really impressive kitchens this year.  Here they are.

Kitchen 2010 1
 No 1

Kitchen 2010 2 
No 2

Kitchen 2010 3 
No 3

Kitchen 2010 4
  No 4

Kitchen 2010 5
No 5

Kitchen 2010 6
No 6

Kitchen 2010 7
No 7

Kitchen 2010 8
No 8

Kitchen 2010 9
No 9

Kitchen 2010 10
No 10

Kitchen 2010 11
No 11

Kitchen 2010 12
No 12

There are elements in almost everyone that I love.  Notice how many used curves. I think my overall fav is No 8.  I like the formality of it without having the gingerbread like 7 and 11.  What are your favs?  I'll be joining Paula Grace's Timeless Tuesday party.  Hop on over for some more design eye candy.




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24 thoughts on “NKBA 2010 Kitchen Design Finalists… What’s your fav?

  1. This is a tough decision! IMHO you can never go wrong with a white kitchen, therefore it’s between #2 and #8. I think I’d choose #8 because I like the lighter paint color on the wall.
    I don’t recall if I thanked you for your invaluable comments on my blog about transitional decor. If so, thanks again! I found more of my tear sheets and was delighted when it was titled “Art Deco bathroom”. The picture was the inspiration/guide to our bathroom renovation. Once again, you were spot on with your evaluation!
    Have a good week!

  2. Number 11 is definitely my favorite. I would LOVE this kitchen and yes, I do love the gingerbread in there on the refrigerator. I might even like a crystal chandelier instead of the ones they have-not that those don’t look good but because I love a little sparkle. I find this kitchen very elegant and classic although I know that style is not for everyone or very popular.
    I love the sleekness and sparkle of number 4. Very glam. That is how I would picture my kitchen if I lived in a high rise in the city, looking over the lake with all of the night lights from the buildings.
    I like number 8 too and the refrigerator in number 5.

  3. Number 8 for sure (even though I think the floor treatment is too busy!) Nos 6,7 and 10, 11, 12 looked like they were trying out for a Las Vegas kitchen competition…calling the Venetian and the Bellagio…so much was over the top and overdone! I guess I prefer things classically simple.

  4. Actually I disagree. The finalists this year were weak. Not nearly as good as last year. These kitchens are mostly over the top in design details and while some are very well done, it is not a good representation of the NKBA members. The winners were mostly in the midwest and East and it shows in the designs.This is not really the idea. And, while all of the entries are “nice”, they should be showcasing winners not just average.

  5. Oh yes, I do agree with paula…#5 is one worthy of winning. I hope it wins top spot. But #8 is a complete rip off of Christopher Peacock…right down to the lights. Come on! This is award winning??? And #7 is POOR design layout and the tray ceiling detail looks like a UFO is landing. #1 and 2 are just plain and just because small, you can still be innovative. Geesh. 9,11,12 are just too themed and over the top for my liking and do not think they reflect good design concepts. Sorry to be basher here but you asked!!!

  6. Wow, those selections really span a lot of styles. I guess that means that there really isn’t one type of style that you need to stick to to be “current.” My fav is #8,too. . .but there might be just a little bit too much going on in the woodworking above the stove. I’m leaning more toward sleeker kitchen designs these days. . . not that I’m going to be able to do my kitchen over anytime soon! I used to love the kitchens with the fancy embellishment. . . but I guess my tastes have changed over the years.

  7. I don’t really know what I would do with a kitchen, were I blessed with all the room in the world in which to put said kitchen. And, yes, I do know that no one really has “all the room in the world,” but lots and lots of people have considerably more room than I have! All I can do, I guess, is just keep surfing the Internet, hoping that I will find designs that I can put to use in my own kitchen. A little here, a little there, that sort of thing. That said, I will say, and I DO say, that you have given me much to think about with your concepts, and I thank you for sharing your ideas. And who knows? Maybe one fine day I will be sharing an absolutely smashing, albeit small, kitchen design!

  8. I wouldn’t mind cooking and washing the dishes everyday if my kitchen looked like this! Great pieces for the people who would want to express themselves through interior design. Thank you for sharing your ideas.

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