Free Advice Friday – Space Plan Challenge

Long time, no posts.  So much work, so little time.  I'll be honest, if I don't feel I have anything of substance to blog about, I am not motivated to do so.  My business requires so much creativity with client projects and furniture designs, I feel like my brain is going to convulse at times.  I actually think is does.  There's nothing left over for blogging.  Today,  I have something to write about.  Recently, a reader sent these pictures and a space plan for her formal living room.  She writes:

Please help!  This is my formal living layout.  I haven't purchased any furniture but am now ready to.  I don't know what to buy or how to arrange it.  (I prefer to have two chairs with a table in between on the north wall).  I have a curve in the south wall and I don't know how to deal with it. 





We have a nice blank slat here.  This room is very long and narrow 13ft x 21.5 ft, so I understand her dilemma.  The other challenges I noticed was a lack of a focal point and architectural interest.  In my solution, I created a library wall.  The wood warms the space and provides you with some interest.  


Muawad Space Plan jpeg

I also included a lighting plan.  The room has only one small window and it seemed a bit dark (I think the pics were taken at night too).  I would also include sconces on the bookcase.  Adding a couple chandeliers on dimmers will round out the final plan.  Lastly, I would have the air conditioner moved if possible.  I hope this helps.


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5 thoughts on “Free Advice Friday – Space Plan Challenge

  1. Great plan Kristin! It would be expensive, but having different windows on that curved wall would add light and great architectural interest to the room (I guess it depends on the view outside the window, but wouldn’t a bank of windows, double doors to the outside, or even three long windows look great?). Love the cozy area with the two chairs!

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  3. Hi Kristen,
    I like the plan you’ve done. I would suggest a couple of additions which may help with such a dark, narrow room.
    Adding a large plain mirror across the back wall opposite the book cases would create a sense of depth and increased space in the room. With the lighting, a mirror would amplify the light and compensate for the lack of it generally.
    I would also add a tall patterned blind against the window (assuming the wall will be a plain colour). Adding a blind that is a good deal higher than the small window will also appear to increase the height of the room and will create a focal point for the plain wall and small window.
    Hope that’s useful.

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