About The Furniture

This eco-friendly, high style and durable collection was designed by Kristin Drohan, Interior Designer and Green Accredited Professional, to fill a niche missing from the current market. Many manufacturers touting “Green” furnishings have a contemporary style that doesn’t fit the performance or style needs of many sophisticated active families. Kristin’s clients were demanding stylish, high performing, comfortable and healthy furniture. Finding limited resources meeting those criteria prompted her to design and fabricate her own line. Each piece has a specific function, inspired by a classic timeless frame, and designed for comfort and durability. The manufacturing process is environmentally friendly and healthy to the consumer. Recently, they have added a reclaimed wood frame as a fabrication option for their furniture. The collection recaptures a bit of North Carolina’s furniture heritage by reuse of North Carolina wood from abandoned furniture and textile factories. This wood, naturally hardened from decades of aging, is perfect for durable upholstery frames. Customers have the option of using either reclaimed wood or sustainably harvested kiln dried wood for the same cost.

Kristin talks about Kristin Drohan Collection Furniture

About the Kristin Drohan Collection

When you choose this item, we document the source of the wood used for your frame and that information is included with the sale.

Cushion options include a spring coil bio hybrid utilizing soy, corn, and recycled cotton or spring coil down.

COM is always an option, and we allow limitless applications. You can also choose from our selection of high performance fabrics, most of which are also woven in local mills.

Chemical Free

All of our cushions are Flame Retardant Free. If you are sourcing a commercial project, just let us know and we can accommodate your needs. We have custom options that will satisfy many allergy and chemical sensitivities without upcharges.